Sonyah is a Hip hop singer and rapper, drawing her musical inspiration in the Dirty South movement, with genres like crunk n b, trap music and other southern rap styles. Her style also lies in the blending of hip hop music, with related musical genres like new soul, jazz music, ragga and dubstep. This mixture of the genres results in a surprising and audacious musicality.
She released her first EP untitled « My game » using the pseudo Gypsey and is now recording her second EP, untitled « Between dream and reality ».
Sonyah also shows her ambivalence as a dancer. Indeed, she dances flamenco on the professional level and got notions of steppin’, hip-hop new style and dancehall. The goal of this mixing of the styles and disciplines will be to mix songs and dance on the scene in an original way, into a choreographed show. She’s presently preparing two flamenco shows for June 2016.
Sonyah started as a model in 2012, with artistical photography and body painting. Then, she’s got her sights set on studio photography in collaboration with several professionnal photographers, adopting a sobrer but still original and audacious style. Since several months, she has integrated a modeling agency.